At Spambiance Consultancy, we specialise in helping a wide array of wellness-orientated facilities meet their setup, development, renovation and expansion needs. From health spas, beauty salons and fitness centre facilities, to five-star and luxury hotels, resorts, hospitals and treatment centres, our experts offer every client the made-to-order services that help make each unique business venture successful.

Hotel & Resort Services

The knowledgeable spa consultants at Spambiance bring hotel and resort owners a comprehensive menu of services which spans every stage of facility development, improvement and operation. Our fully customizable services include the following:

  • New hotel/resort setup
  • Existing hotel/resort renovation
  • Existing facility expansion
  • Promotional consultancy
  • Management support
  • Hotel/resort audits

Spa, Wellness, Ayurveda, Fitness & Beauty Facility Services

Our Spambiance experts offer a complete consultancy solution for health and medi-spas, wellness and Ayurveda centres, beauty salons, fitness centres and gyms. From concept to setup and from marketing to management, our professional spa consultants deliver consistently high-quality service with every project. We are fully committed to helping our clients effectively launch and operate their beauty, fitness and wellness businesses by providing the following business consultancy services:

  • Market research
  • Interior and construction help
  • Facility setup
  • Equipment and product guidance
  • Swimming pool, steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi setup
  • Spa and fitness centre program design
  • Menu services
  • Recruitment and training
  • Spa, salon, and fitness centre management
  • Operational support
  • Financial consultancy
  • Marketing support
  • Promotion planning
  • Quality control and audits and much more.

The Expert Services Your Wellness Business Needs to Succeed!

Whether you require our services for planning your spa startup, operating your wellness business from day to day or accessing our periodic expert support, we are prepared to offer you the personalised service you need to move forward in any aspect of your enterprise. Because our Spambiance Consultancy service offerings are completely flexible, you may elect to use one, several or even all of the services we provide, based entirely on the requirements of your business. Whatever services you may choose — and whether you elect to partner with our company at your project site or business location or choose to avail yourself of our background supportive services — we trust that you will find our spa consultants fully capable of providing the tools your hotel, spa, salon, fitness or Ayurvedic venture needs to succeed!